Wilderness Spirituality

O merciful Creator, your hand is open wide to satisfy the needs of every living creature: Make us always thankful for your loving providence; and grant that we, remembering the account that we must one day give, may be faithful stewards of your good gifts; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who with you and the Holy Spirit lives and reigns, one God, for ever and ever. Amen. The Book of Common Prayer, p. 259

It is much easier, I think, for God to get through our defenses when we’re in a wilderness. — John Lionberger

Please consider the comments of The Rev. John Lionberger in an interview with Bob Abernethy for the PBS program Religion & Ethics (Transcript and Video). Consider that in our “Common Prayer” we often lift our hearts to God in thanksgiving, in praise, in intercession for the beauty of “all that is, seen and unseen” (as we profess in the Nicene Creed).

Many of us have had the experience about which the Rev. Lionberger speaks. I invite you to try it yourself. Our Episcopal Camp, Camp Stevens, in Julian, CA offers many ways for a person to enter “the wilderness” and find God in the midst of nature and community:

Muir Lake in the Cottonwood Basin, Eastern Sierras

On the shore of Muir Lake in the John Muir Wilderness


One thought on “Wilderness Spirituality

  1. Dear Father Dan,
    I have a confession to make. As Sunday School teacher at St. Margaret’s, I got rather “creative” (as I was not an “expert” in all things “Bible”). I emphasized reverence for nature. I brought a tree into the classroom and had the kids decorate it each Sunday with whatever “hummed” to them (nature theme), along with Bible verses. And we did a lot of “joyful” singing, music-making, and dancing. “Make a joyful noise”…and all that jazz.
    Love to you, Dan
    Jane C.

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