An invitation

Seek out a religious mentorWe are mostly at the end of the commencement season now. Commencement speeches come in many forms. Some are policy statements, some are folksy wisdom, some, like this one, include an invitation that reaches beyond the graduating class into the hearts of those who have ears to hear.

In his commencement speech to the 2010 graduating class at Stanford University, Eboo Patel, talks about a spiritual journey that began at a piano recital. “Brother Wayne” Teasdale saw something spiritual in Eboo and began to encourage him to use the gift in him for the benefit of others.

The speech is a “quick read.” The invitation extends to you and me–if we have ears to hear. The response is ours to give or withhold as we choose. For the good of those around us, for the health of our planet, for the future we are making for our children, I pray that we will each find a “wild religious mentor” of our own.

Eboo Patel’s Commencement Speech

I Believe in Grace — Another witness to finding a mentor (no matter how briefly) who sets the open hearted on a new path, even seeing people from the past in a new light.


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