Simplicity as a quality of life has often eluded me. It is a quality I would like to improve within myself and around me–in my home and work and play. In this quest I came upon this description of simplicity.

I have learned that living a life of simplicity means holding everything and anything lightly—being ready for whatever is “held” by us to be transmuted by God into something else at a moment’s notice. Those who live a life of simplicity attempt to live continuously acknowledging the power of God to move and control the universe—To bow and to bend we shan’t be ashamed. Moreover, the best way to learn to “hold” all of God’s creation outside ourselves lightly is to learn to hold our own perceptions, our own stuck places, our own addictions, our own missing of the mark  . . . lightly within ourselves and to be prepared to have it too be transmuted by God.

“Simplicity, Reconciliation and Franciscanism” by John Brockmann in The Franciscan Times, Pentecost 2001.

May we all aspire to hold things lightly that God may create new and marvelous wonders with our help.


One thought on “Simplicity

  1. Dear Fr. Dan –
    That was so beautifully written. Simplicity….a goal to which I aspire but have a great deal of difficulty actually meeting. This writing softens the expectation and transforms the concept, gently, into something more attainable. I will try to remember that! Thanks for sharing…..Gale

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