Ambrose of Milan

Ambrose of Milan, BishopOn December 7th the Church remembers Ambrose, Bishop of Milan (d. 397). Among the other notes about his life is this prayer/meditation  attributed to Ambrose:

“Lord Jesus Christ, you are for me medicine when I am sick; you are my strength when I need help; you are life itself when I fear death; you are the way when I long for heaven; you are light when all is dark; you are my food when I need nourishment.”

I have lived this prayer. I am living this prayer. I have been blessed along the way to encounter many who lived this prayer. I continue to find persons, every day, who are living this prayer. It is a joy.

For further reading and reflection

  • Ambrose of Milan – the blog entry from the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music of the Episcopal Church

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