Advent and Christmas

An Advent Star

Wisdom on Waiting, Patience, Hope, and Joy for Advent and the 12 Days of Christmas on Spirituality & Practice

Though we are nearing the end of Advent (the Third Sunday of Advent was celebrated on December 12th) it is never too late to desire to move more deeply into the spirit of the season. It is never too late to explore some new ideas and practices, especially as the social demands of the “the holidays” and the incessant message to go out and buy more, to get that item that you or loved can’t live without intensifies. Slow down. Rediscover patience and hope as you begin to see light dawning in the darkness that sometimes scares us.

To help you go forward, I recommend the Advent and Christmas quotes offered by the folks at Spirituality & Practice. You can even go back a few days to find inspiration and the invitation to think again, pray again, and even renew hope in this season.

The seasons of Advent and Christmas offers us ample opportunities to embrace the spiritual practices of waiting, patience, hope, and joy. These are wise teachers but they come to us during the rush and clamor of the holiday season, a time when many of us are overwhelmed with obligations and extra work. Pause a moment, read more, be refreshed.
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Map: Advent and Christmas on Spirituality & Practice


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