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Voting in Sudan

Archbishop Daniel Deng Bul Yak voting in the Sudanese Referendum

The “news” has been dominated by events in Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, and “the Arab world.” The events in Libya now command the attention of “the media,” and thus, our attention. The amount of information that demands our attention is staggering. To stay with one event, to be concerned with one process as it unfolds seems, simultaneously, “too little and too much.” It is not possible to be passionately and wholly involved in every event, every process, every person brought to our attention by the technology of our day. But we do our best.

So it is that I return to Sudan. As announced, the Referendum approved the creation of a new state in southern Sudan. This new state will officially take its place in the world in July 2011. The difficult work in establishing this state has begun.

I ask your continued prayers for the People of Sudan (north and south). May their way forward be more peaceful than violent. I commend the words of the Episcopal bishops of Sudan to you:

As the people of Southern Sudan have voted for secession with the South becoming a new nation from 9th July 2011, we would like to assure the Christians of the Episcopal Church of the Sudan that the ECS will remain as one united church as part of the 80 million worldwide Anglican Communion. The church is one body; God has no borders. We will not abandon each other regardless of the political geographical boundaries.

We pray that Almighty God will help us foster unity, peace and democracy as exhibited by all Sudanese and witnessed by the whole world during this referendum process. We must all embrace the spirit of self-sacrifice, hard work, respect for one another, tolerance, and honesty as we endeavour to build the two new nations. Unity in diversity is our strength.

Read the full statement of the Bishops dated Feb. 12, 2011 and posted Feb., 16, 2011 by the Anglican News Service

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Image: anglican-mainstream.net

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