Don’t miss out. Follow me!

Tell your family, tell your friends, tell the people who like to forward emails to you. Starting today (9/21/11) you will find a small “Follow” button in the lower right side of the blog window. By clicking this button once you will be asked to give your email address and when you click “Sign me up!” you will be placed on the mailing list for this blog. What could be simpler?

WordPress never shares your email address with others—nor will I. By signing up to “Follow” the blog you will receive an email notifying you when I post to the blog (I’m still trying to find my rhythm on that, bear with me).

You will see this small little button in the bottom right corner. The button is mostly out of the way, but just noticeable enough before you leave.

Follow me

When you click on the button, it smoothly slides open, revealing a simple way to follow the blog without having the burden of checking back on your own to see if there’s anything new. You can put your email address in, click “Sign me up!” and you’ll be notified whenever the blog has a new post.

Sign me up

I look forward to growing up with you in Christ. ~dan


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