What hymn sings you into “the mind of Christ”?

Have the mind of Christ

What a tall order! In the Sunday Morning Forum at St. Margaret’s we talked about ways we have used and are using to enter into the mind of Christ so that our actions may be more Christ-like.

We noted that Paul (according to most scholars) quoted a hymn in painting the dimensions of the “mind of the Christ” (Philippians 2:6-11). Music of all kinds, especially music used in worship, was one of the sources of our knowledge, too. In the Forum blog (Hear what the Spirit is saying) I will post music and hymns that have made a difference to me. My first (but not last) entry: I sing a song of the saints of God.

What about you? As you strive to have the mind of Christ what music—ancient to contemporary, sacred or secular, instrumental, vocal, performed professionally or simply sung by you (solo or in a communal setting)—inspires you, informs your heart, or sets you in motion? Leave a comment.

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