How to shop AND do good at the same time

My friends at Camp Stevens have given us an easy way to shop during this “shopping season” AND have given us a way to do good at the same time. Here’s their invitation and best wishes for us:

Online shopping isn’t just a way to avoid the crowds and stress of Christmas shopping – it can also be an easy way to support Camp Stevens. With GoodSearch and GoodShop, every search you do online and almost every online purchase you make can generate a donation to Camp Stevens.

Without an extra dime spent by you, purchases from Amazon, REI, Gap, Williams-Sonoma, PetSmart, Kohls, Snapfish, and many more can benefit Camp Stevens. With just a few steps to start giving, it’s the easiest way yet for you to show your support.

Here’s how to do it:

(This should take no more than 5 minutes.  For step-by-step instructions with photos, please go to

1. Go to

2. Enter Camp Stevens as your “Cause.”

3. After selecting Camp Stevens as your charity, download the GoodToolbar in order to access coupons and see how much each individual site donates.

4. Restart your browser to finalize installation of your GoodToolbar.  When you are shopping online, available coupons and the amount that each store will donate to Camp Stevens is displayed in yellow.

5. Finally: If you often search through the toolbar at the top-right of your browser window, consider making GoodSearch your default search engine. Click the down arrow in the search box, and select GoodSearch.

Note that you will be given the option to register. Registering – or not – will allow you to track and share how your web actions help Camp Stevens, but won’t impact the donations at all.

That’s it! Without any more action on your part, every time you search, and most times you shop, a donation will be sent our way. Visit every once in a while to see how the pennies are adding up.

Thank you for your time, and all you do to support Camp Stevens.

Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season,

The Camp Stevens Family

PS: Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, try to get out into your community and support a local store for Small Business Saturday. Details are online at Small Business Saturday

Image: Camp Stevens


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