A gift for the person who has everything

Believe me when I say this gift will never have to be dusted, will not take up wall space or closet space, and it will never go out of fashion. To the person who has everything I invite you to give the gift of water. I invite you to do this online by making a gift in your friend’s name to:

Of course, tell your friend that you have done this. All three charities work to bring clean water to those whose lives are spent going to get whatever water they can find and then spend the return trip home carrying heavy loads of (contaminated) water. More often than not the water-carriers are women and girls. Often, as many as 6 hours of every day are spent in obtaining water to be used in the home.

I invite you to “Walk in Sabina’s Shoes” as documented by World Vision

One thing more, this will not be a unique gift (but don’t let that stop you). It seems many of us are giving the gift of water this Christmas: “Charities give Christmas gift of water” as reported by USA Today on 12/23/11.


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