July 10, 2012 – Garden & Compost

Going further: Mark 4:35-41 read on June 24, 2012

“Do you not care that WE are perishing?” The agitated disciples woke the sleeping Jesus in their panic and fear (Mark 4:35-41). Jesus calmed the wind and waves and then asked, “Why are you afraid?” One of my favorite preachers, Nadia Bolz-Weber, brings this Gospel story into the 21st century: Sermon on Fear, Self-centeredness and the Storm at Sea.

Dr. Joel Hoffman: Five Bible Images You Probably Misunderstand

For those of you who take Bible reading seriously I commend Dr. Hoffman’s article posted on Huffington Post Religion Page on June 22, 2012: Five Bible Images You Probably Misunderstand

Originally, Jesus’ most important commandment wasn’t to love God with all one’s heart or with all one’s soul. God was a warrior, not a shepherd. Men and women were supposed to be equal. And as with many other people, Adam’s lifespan was symbolic.

But flawed translations conceal these biblical messages from modern readers by failing to convey the significance of images and metaphors.

The Seven Ds in “Shadows in Prayer”

One challenge for readers of Mother Teresa: Come Be My Light, the collection of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta’s letters published last fall, is to distinguish among the terms darkness, dryness, desolation, doubt, disbelief, depression and despair—the “seven D’s.” On a popular level, some journalists, media analysts and bloggers conflated Mother Teresa’s “darkness” with “disbelief.” Shadows in Prayer by Fr. James Martin, SJ posted first on March 17, 2008

I commend this to those who are wondering about the places in the spiritual journey that are dark, barren, rough, overwhelming. It is a good introduction.


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