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Jesus, Healing, Wholeness, and Curing

After I gave the homily at St. Margaret’s on July 1, 2012 a number of you asked for a copy. I now have a copy of this homily available here: Jesus, Healing, Wholeness, and Curing. I’ve added a couple of notes, but otherwise, you have what I said (by the grace of God).

Sacred Scripture, Violent Verses: How Should We Read the Bible’s Texts of Terror?

The sacred scriptures we use contain lots of violence (just recently our Sunday lectionary texts have featured a number of beheadings and this Sunday 7/15 we hear Mark’s account of the death (by beheading) of John the Baptist). Daniel Clendenin explores our often uneasy relationship with all of scripture, including these “texts of terror” a term first used by Phyllis Tickle to describe them. Go to Sacred Scripture, Violent Verses: How Should We Read the Bible’s Texts of Terror? This is the essay for the week on Journey with Jesus (a weekly E-zine I frequently visit; the archived material is wonderful, too).

Introducing the Painted Prayerbook

If you have never visited Jan Richardson’s work The Painted Prayerbook now is a good time. Here is how she begins her meditation on the Gospel text appointed for this Sunday, 7/15/12.

Here at the ending of John the Baptist’s life, I find myself thinking back to its beginning. … John had met Jesus when they were in the waters of the womb, had met him again at the waters of the Jordan, had been borne along by the sureness of his call and by the living water he found in his cousin the Christ.

View Jan Richardson’s image “The River of John” and read her meditation on Sunday’s (7/15/12) appointed Gospel text, Mark 6:14-29

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2 thoughts on “7/11/12 – Garden & Compost

  1. Your homily from July 1st was so thought provoking. I now live in Colorado. Being able to read you blogs, and only able to get to St. Margarets once a year, thank you for all your information. Vicky

    • Vicky, thank you for the comment. Were you affected by the fires? I hope you are well. Keep checking in here, leave comments, ask questions, it is good to be connected despite the miles between the desert and the mountains. ~dan

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