7/13/12 – Garden & Compost

A request for prayers

Some of you were as privileged as me to receive the wisdom, experience, and ministry of The Rev. Margaret Watson at St. Margaret’s in Palm Desert, CA. Currently Margaret is serving Episcopal churches from Eagle Butte, SD on the Cheyenne River Reservation. She has a daily blog post—leave it lay where Jesus flang it—written as part of her morning prayer time.

I ask your prayers for Margaret today. As explained in her blog post—The Lament brought many tears, and a beginning—Margaret will make a presentation today (7/13/12) to the ‘Cultural Resources folk’ about displaying some artifacts from the Wounded Knee Massacre of December 29, 1890. Perhaps after reading her post you will, like me, continue to offer prayers for her and the people she serves; repentance, reconciliation, and restoration are ongoing facts of life for Margaret and her community.

A video shared by Margaret—warning, it will evoke a reaction in you

Margaret shared a video in her post mentioned above. Here is the video she shared.

“This video is intended to inform people about the impact of the Doctrine of Discovery in an effort to respond to God’s direction; that we, the Episcopal Church, ‘act with justice and…do what is right’ (Psalm 106:3, BCP).”

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