7/14/12 – Garden & Compost

Painful role models for children

Wendy Sanders, a member of our Sunday Morning Forum at St. Margaret’s has a blog: Walking with Children. Her weekly posts use the lectionary readings of Sunday as a starting point for her reflections in the realm of ‘Child Theology.‘ This coming Sunday (7/15/12) we’ll read Mark 6:14-29. It is Mark’s account of how John the Baptist was killed by Herod. Here’s Wendy:

Those of us who work with young children and delight in their presence cannot ignore the brutally gruesome image:  the young girl asks for the head of John the Baptist on a platter, no less, and presents it to her mother (Mark 6: 25-29).

Why would God allow such a miserable image in the holy book?  Why was a child necessary?  Why?

She goes on to answer the question. I encourage you to read her post Painful Role Models for Children. If you have children or grandchildren you may want to subscribe to (or follow) her blog.

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