7/24/12 – Garden & Compost

For one person, spirituality and faith, means "being connected" to all of creationAre you in the 18-35 year old demographic? Do you know anyone in that demographic? Then, this is for you. Waking Youth is a new blog for young and old, alike. We are in this together …

About Waking Youth

Who evolves spiritually? Is it up to old, wise men in caves, preachers in mega churches, or the best-selling new age authors? All of the world’s religions are converging on our shores for the first time: Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism, and more. Maybe, just maybe, it’s the young people who are waking up? In this culture, people’s spiritual lives tend to be either very public or very private and rarely do they share the inner, guiding parts of life. So, here are stories of seeking, confusion and discovery as experienced by us. You know, the ones plugged into smartphones and meeting friends for drinks. Listen as we open our hearts. See for yourself. Are we lost to the well entertained and superficial, or is there a secret life of deeper longing and curiosity that may just help save us all? If you are a young adult (18-35 years old) interested in sharing your spiritual story of discovery, send an email to wakingyouth@gmail.com

Finding Sanctuary in the Wilds of Creation by Nathan Troutman Blumenshne is one of the posts on this new blog. it is a story of what faith, Christian Faith in this case, is beginning to feel like in the 21st century. Nathan’s is a faith nurtured in a very expansive cathedral as you will discover.

If you are 18-35 please consider making your own contribution to the Waking Youth blog. If you know someone in this age range, someone whose spirituality continues to inform your own spiritual life, please encourage that person to write. Again, “we are in this together ….”

About Garden & Compost

Image: From the blog post Finding Sanctuary In The Wilds Of Creation by Nathan Troutman Blumenshine


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