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Internet Resources for Bible Study

05/13/13 – these links are to resources Forum members have found useful. As much as possible this will be an annotated list. We’re always looking for new, useful internet resources. Use the Comment Section to share resources you have found helpful.



The Lectionary Page. The biblical texts used in Sunday worship using the Revised Common Lectionary. This includes the Psalm in its Prayer Book translation. At St. Margaret’s the other readings are from the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) of the Bible. The Calendar also includes readings for Lesser Feasts and Fasts 2006.

The Revised Common Lectionary. Texts of the Sunday Readings appointed in the RCL provided from the NRSV by Vanderbilt Divinity Library


Commentaries | Anglican Diocese of Montreal: Commentaries on the readings from the Revised Common Lectionary by Chris Haslam and shared by the Anglican Diocese of Montreal.

Working Preacher. Not just for preachers. Useful and inspiring commentaries on the readings used in Sunday worship. You may have to navigate (there’s a calendar on the page for your use) to the Sunday you wish to study.


Bible Geocoding: “The location of every identifiable place mentioned in the Bible.”
NET Bible Maps: Maps generated to accompany the text of the NET Bible


The Text This Week Art Index. An artwork concordance. So far you will find links to artwork indexed according to Biblical/Liturgical subjects. This is a work in progress.

Art in the Christian Tradition. Links to the Search Page for art collected by the Vanderbilt Divinity Library for use with the RCL

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